Quick-fire media blitz helps smash crowdfunding campaign goals


With a tight 45-day Indiegogo campaign already in progress, HIRIS needed to generate awareness to drive contributions to reach its campaign goals to put the wearable into production.

The initial pace of pledges indicated HIRIS might not reach its funding goal, but the agency was able to implement a rapid-response media outreach program to help HIRIS reach and exceed their goal by the end of the campaign. The aggressive media outreach program generated over 35 articles in less than a month in key publications, including SlashGear, ZDNet, Digital Trends and Ubergizmo. Due to the coverage driving traffic to the website, the campaign was also featured in Indiegogo newsletters twice.

Robust and quick-fire strategic media outreach led to a resoundingly successful campaign that exceeded all expectations. Ongoing engagement with high-profile targets with unique news angles and approaches led to a daily stream of coverage. Built around creative platforms such as “refer-a-friend” perk campaigns and themes around holidays like Valentine’s Day, created additional buzz and interest. The overall program was supported on social to increase engagement, extend the conversations with potential backers and effectively call to actions to drive backers to the HIRIS Indiegogo page.