Planting seeds towards becoming leading smart outdoor product


Smart garden start-up, GreenIQ, needed to build awareness in the existing and competitive connected or smart gardens market. Plus, they needed to build buzz around the launch of its new smart garden and irrigation hub.

The campaign garnered positive coverage from premium outlets such as FOX News, Better Homes and Gardens and CNET, resulting in a sustained upswing in referral traffic to both the GreenIQ and Home Depot websites. Beyond the immediate interest generated in the product, the campaign built relationships between GreenIQ and influencers in connected home and Internet of Things (IoT) media outlets, helping to position the company as a leader in the new connected garden category.

We prepared the field by working with GreenIQ to gather specific data that would interest technology contacts, and coached the team on using their knowledge and experience to be a useful resource on water conservation. Messages were developed and honed about water conservation best practices were consistently updated with information from surveys and consumer polls. The agency also created a targeted reviewers program to ensure the smart garden hub got into the hands of strategically important product reviewers.