CellCrypt was no cypher on mobile encryption


CellCrypt wanted to be the international thought leader resource on mobile encryption.

Leveraging ongoing media outreach along with issues hijacking, we were able to increase CellCrypt’s market profile and increase website traffic. International recognition was assured after leveraging a key opportunity to interject CellCrypt into the conversation resulting in over 500 pieces of coverage in premium-tier media across 10 markets. There was also five-fold increase in web traffic delivering a significant bump in lead generation for the company’s sales team.

OneChocolate’s strategy combined the use of academic and analyst partnerships along with the commissioning of a C-Suite survey about mobile security to lay the groundwork for positioning CellCrypt as the go-to experts for all things mobile encryption. This enabled the team to score major coverage when German cryptographers announced serious exploitable weaknesses in one of the seven algorithms used to protect cell phone privacy. By planting the story with key journalists around the globe, we helped capitalize on the opportunity and secure interest with additional journalists as the story was coming to light.