AppCarousel wanted sales without giving away the store


AppCarousel wanted PR that directly and demonstrably generated quality sales leads. The company has a unique offering, providing app store solutions and app ecosystem management for customers in a variety of corporate sectors, but needed to prove the value of PR for the bottom line.

With no outbound sales team, AppCarousel saw a total of 83 leads come in, 40 of them qualified, on dedicated PR efforts alone. These leads led to millions of dollars in deals. Success also meant a feature in Forbes and the achievement of gaining LinkedIn and WIRED influencer status. All of this led to the company’s acquisition by AppDirect after more than two years with OneChocolate.

We leveraged a multipronged strategy that leaned on corporate relationships in several ways. A content marketing initiative that combined joint PR activities with existing brands resulting in cultivating sales lead generation by generating the content and publishing it on external platforms such as LinkedIn and WIRED. AppCarousel also was able to leverage relationships with brands such as Tizen, TomTom and Genivi to generate media interest and drive additional leads. Proactive media outreach and issues hijacking along with a strong analyst relations program added the final pieces to the successful PR puzzle for AppCarousel.