PR Agencies Should Take an Interest in Pinterest

Nielsen reported in December 2012 that Pinterest had the largest year-over-year increase in audience, amounting to 1,698%. And one thing is for sure, Pinterest is only going to continue to play a more prominent role in the social media landscape having just received an investment of $200 million from Valiant Capital Management. Clearly, Pinterest is a growing force that can’t be ignored.

While Pinterest was initially used to strictly target individuals with personal accounts, it is now branching out and catering to businesses with its latest business account offering, launched at the end of 2012.  As a result, companies can now leverage Pinterest for commercial activities and can access  “business microsites”, (a segment of Pinterest  that allow companies to look at case studies of other businesses on Pinterest to see what is working to achieve high traffic volume).

As a result, Pinterest offers an incredible opportunity for agencies to more effectively leverage to drive awareness.   For example, businesses are now able to upload pictures and content to highlight specials or weekly features, and most importantly have access to the “Pin It” button so individuals can pin images from company boards, thereby promoting the company and increasing the likelihood of going viral.

By catering to businesses with Pinterest’s latest features, PR agencies will have yet another channel to leverage and may find it even easier to drive traffic to company websites.  Pinterest is just one more way to get noticed in the very big world we live in.  Since Pinterest is quickly becoming the next Facebook or Twitter, PR agencies need to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon for their clients’ benefit before it is too late.



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