5 Tips to Engage Facebook Users

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These days, almost every company has a page on Facebook. Whether it’s to promote new content, engage new users, or just to see what’s going on in the social media universe.  There’s a page for everyone. While many tweens and teens may be heading for Instagram or Snapchat, there are still many opportunities for PR execs to help companies strengthen brand awareness and engage those online communities on Facebook.

PRNews recently discussed a few tips that every PR strategist should keep in mind to help gain a bigger presence on the social platform.

  1. Participation is key – Engaging the users will get you everywhere when it comes to increasing your company’s profile.
  2. Pull back the curtains – Showing the audience what’s really behind the scenes of your company will not only help to promote band loyalty, but it will also let your users feel like they’re all in on the secrets.
  3. Use real people – While celebrities work well as the face for fashion, most Facebook users like to see real people doing real things. As the article says, “There’s something to be said for making content relatable.”
  4. Hold a contest – Holding a contest or sweepstakes for your followers not only engages them past the point of an initial glance, but it also helps to build a stronger community.
  5. Post pictures and video – Posting photos and videos should be the norm for any social media platform because people enjoy visual content. It’s especially helpful and engaging on a site like Facebook, which also encourages uses to “Like” and share the content.

These should help you in your future Facebook endeavors. Can you think of any other Facebook engagement tactics that would help PR strategists?

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  1. HiSocial says:

    Thanks for sharing these strategies. I would add that offering feedback and communication with the users in general is a great strategy to connect with the audience and to increase their loyalty.

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